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PEL's Forum for Youth 2022

PEL’s Forum for Youth 2022

The conclusion of the activities of PEL’s Forum for Youth 2022 in Qamishlo City.


PEL Organization – Qamishlo

PEL Organization, in cooperation with (Ella – Tadmurto – Amal) organizations, concluded the activities of PEL’s Forum for Youth 2022, in its seventh edition, entitled “Our Diversity… Our Strength”, on Thursday, November 17, in Zana Hall in Qamishlo.

More than 150 young people from different ethnic, cultural, social and religious components in the regions of the island participated in the forum, in addition to the participation of actors in the Autonomous Administration institutions, civil society organizations, politicians, media professionals and athletes.

The forum continued its activity throughout Wednesday and Thursday, 16 and 17 of November, and the first day’s activities included the following themes:

  • National and linguistic pluralism in the region… Diversity protection legally.
  • The role of art and sports in building peace.
  • A platform to display influential experiences and stories.
  • On the second day, the participants discussed the following topics:
  • Confronting hate speech and promoting peace and social integration.
  • Promoting the rights of the displaced and people with special needs.
  • Young people ask and the administration answers.

It is worth noting that the PEL’s Forum for Youth 2022 focuses on diversity in all its aspects, and provides a platform for more than one hundred and sixty young women and men from Al-Jazira region; For interaction, discussion and dialogue on all aspects related to the promotion and protection of diversity, this is the seventh edition of the PEL’s Forum for Youth 2022, after PEL Organization launched its first edition in 2016 in Qamishlo city.

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