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Rojava Channel discusses Kanye's project on property rights violations

PEL Organization – Qamishlo


Rojava TV hosted field researcher Khunaf Othman, who works in “Kani” project team, one of PEL’s Organization – Civil Waves projects. To discuss “Kani” project and the work of the first annual forum, and its importance in documenting housing, property and land rights for the displaced.

PEL concluded the first annual forum entitled “Promoting Housing, Property and Land Rights” in the cities of Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn-Sere Kaniye, on October 15 in Qamishlo city.

“Kani” project aims to support and advocate for the displaced, and to promote housing, land and property rights (HLP), by launching activities that shed light on the suffering of the displaced, with regard to the confiscation of their real estate and property by the factions supported by the occupation power.

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