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PÊL - Civil Waves
The tracks
PEL seeks to achieve a Syrian society that enjoys living in a climate supportive of civil peace and community cohesion
The Youth track

PEL Organization interacted greatly with the youth segment, according to a set of activities that achieved the building of a common space between youth and local authorities, in addition to providing a safe area for them to express their opinions, share views, and spaces for dialogue with decision makers.
In addition, PEL Organization supports youth energies in providing a suitable environment for them, to implement initiatives and campaigns that serve the youth segment, and support their role in building society and achieving sustainable development.

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Displacement camps track

PEL organization had a clear impact in supporting the forcibly displaced from their homes, and this was evident in PEL organization center in Ain Issa camp / northern Raqqa, which opened in January 2017, and the center served the displaced in educational and awareness services and topics, in addition to several recreational activities. As weekly cinematic shows, literacy courses, and activities for children, in addition to health campaigns and public forums, the center was targeting more than 1,000,000 displaced people of all ages every month. As a result of the Turkish invasion of the areas east of Al-Furat, the center was destroyed and burned, and as an alternative plan by the organization, the center was moved to Raqqa city.

In addition, PEL organization opened its center in Washokani camp, on the first of March 2020. The center serves the displaced in services, educational and awareness topics, and literacy courses, in addition to several entertainment activities such as cinematic shows, sports events, in addition to activities in the field of Health awareness and psychological support. PEL Organization had a prominent role in providing the displaced people of Sere Kaniye / Ras Al-Ain and its countryside with the necessary aid, food baskets and blankets, against the backdrop of the Turkish invasion of the city on the ninth of October 2019.

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Woman track

PEL implements a set of activities for women as a window and space for women to encourage dialogue and interaction, and to support the participatory scene, with the aim of empowering women in all “social, legal, cognitive and political” fields. In addition to activities against violence against women, and awareness-raising on child marriage and harassment phenomena, as well as activities that support the role of women in community development, and their serious participation in public affairs and decision-making.

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Forums & Labs track

In the region, PEL organization is distinguished in preparing forums and labs, which are held periodically, and are considered an effective platform, a space of peace, prosperity and harmony, and a rich interactive forum, for expressing opinions and ideas, and coming up with recommendations and initiatives in the presence of actors, civil organizations, media institutions, and women’s activities. And a unique opportunity to communicate with decision makers, such as “Youth Forum 2016, Youth Forum 2018, Youth Forum 2019, Youth Forum 2020, Youth Forum 2021 two versions, Municipalities Forum 2019, Municipalities Forum 2021, Women’s Lab 2019, Dialogue and Civil Peace Forum 2020.

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Local administration track

The local administration took a good part of the goals of the organization, through a set of activities, meetings, sessions, workshops and forums, to create a common space between individuals “society” and actors, to highlight the needs and requirements, opportunities and challenges facing the work of local councils. Beside, rehabilitating a space that enhances and helps individuals reach decision-makers, and increases the response of the local administration to the demands and needs of individuals “society”.

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Agriculture track

To increase experience and knowledge in the field of agricultural development, and the participation of rural communities in increasing agricultural production and securing livelihoods for families, the organization has established projects supporting the agricultural sector “livelihoods”, in order to achieve sustainable growth in rural living standards and secure livelihoods for families, support the self-development of rural communities and improve Household income for using locally available natural resources. In this regard, PEL has implemented three agricultural projects in the city of Raqqa and its countryside, namely: Filahtkum kher 2019, Mawsumkum Kher 2020, Meshatlkum Kher 2021, Vitamin 2021, and the organization is in the process of implementing a new agricultural project next month, aimed at developing, increasing and supporting vegetable growers.

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Media track

PEL sought, through various activities, to train and qualify a media cadre committed to professionalism according to practical mechanisms and topics of knowledge, and to support their skills in dealing with various aspects of daily events, and at various levels, to play their important role in the framework of the democratic transition process.

Beside, paying attention to media that combats alignment and hate speech, through special programs, visual, written and audio media materials and designs that seek to reduce hate speech and combat violence, and enhance societal cohesion. In addition to creating an informational window for dialogue and interaction between segments and components.

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The Environment track

By virtue of the fact that the environment is an unannounced victim of wars, as water wells are polluted, crops are burned, forests are cut down, soil is poisoned, and animals are killed to achieve military gains.

PEL organization strived to prepare awareness sessions, and to disseminate instructions and directives through a set of activities to prevent the use of the environment in wars and military conflicts, and to preserve it by all possible means.

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Community participation track

PEL always implements activities that enhance the individual’s participation in development at various levels, by creating interactive spaces and listening sessions between all individuals and components. In addition to dialogue sessions and events based on providing more space for community participation, and promoting community accountability in local governance, to contribute into community development process.

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Rehabilitation and Empowerment track

Rehabilitation and empowerment, among the basic tracks of PEL Organization are to build capacities for all segments of society, enhance their role in society, and provide them with knowledge and improve skills, through training and educational courses and workshops, “courses in the field of media, English language, sewing, professionalism, montage, photography”.

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Ownership Documentation (HLP) track

With the expansion of conflicts in the region and the increase in the volume of violations of all kinds against civilians, PEL strived to activate the property documentation track, as a step to monitor, document, support and advocate for civilians and the displaced. Beside activating awareness-raising work towards promoting housing, land and property rights (HLP), by launching activities and projects that shed light on the suffering of the displaced and civilians regarding the confiscation of their real estate and property.

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